F.U. Tube! Reviews and Comic Videos

F.U. is making it’s way to YouTube. For your entertainment, we will be producing game reviews and content related to our comics.

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The goal is to be sarcastic and random. We want to provide original entertainment and reviews. We will review a wide range of gaming series such as Zelda, Kirby, Grand Theft Auto, Rocket League, and others.

Game reviews are a staple of the gaming community. They are informative and fun to watch. Many times reviews are influencing on buying choices. We’d love to provide that feeling.

F.U. is gearing up the office space for recording. We are also producing videos for our comics. We look forward to acting on ideas we’ve had for many years. We aim to provide a more in-depth approach to our characters in doing so.

So join us on YouTube. The reviews will be lauching this year with the use of our current resources. Comic related content will be available shortly.