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7/17/2018 Steven & Kenneth comics and new Gallery pages added.


Here at F.U. Industries we're constantly making new ideas and constantly updating to make sure the site looks good and functions well. We need more ideas from those of you that go to the site, and even ideas for the…

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New Feature Updates!

Experience a community of dark humor and randomness at F.U. Industries! New Features Include: Our new domain, Our latest layout design All new content and plenty more on the way. Member Videos section (under Videos) Our own Wiki for…

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Happy Easter!

We hope you have a great Easter and enjoy the time with family or whoever you spend it with. Be sure to come back to our site for a visit and talk to us on the forum. Happy Easter!

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It Was Hacking!

Some hackers from Lebanon hacked our webhost because "America did the mean" to them. We have an archive but have no clue when hosting will be available again. If we do not have a solution soon, we will be looking…

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