Random Insults

  • Rebecca once built a snowman out of cocaine. It “melted” the next day. She hasn’t slept in 3 weeks.
  • Jason once used a clip so large in his fully semi-automatic AR-15 Assault Rifle with a bump stock that the United States recruited him into a solo operation tactical branch. That branch is now known as the Space Force.
  • Jerod is a professional athletic swimmer. He has illegally crossed the Canadian border of Ross Lake seventy times.
  • William (Bill) got so mad one time in high school that he punched a locker. The locker pressed charges and Bill had to pay its medical bills for a month.
  • Willie once ate a box of leftover Chinese food. He died.
  • One time Allyson went to a bike rally and rode everything she could see. She also rode a motorcycle after she was done.